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I believe that the colonists’ decision to declare independence was right. They had suffered a lot at the hand of the British and they deserve it. A value tension that played a large role in this conflict was Law versus Ethics. This is the belief that you should follow all laws, no matter what they are (Jim Crow Laws) or the belief that you should not have to follow the laws you believe are unethical (what you believe is right or wrong).

The conflict Law vs. Ethics played a major role in the independence of America because the Patriots believed that the laws Britain was passing were unethical. Several examples of these laws were the sugar, currency, stamp, townshend, tea, and the introlerable acts. These acts are when the British placed taxes on common items like, sugar and stamps. These laws caused great tension between the Rebels and the Regulars. The Quartering Act was another thing that greatly angered the colonists. This law gave the right to enter and stay in the Rebels homes as long as the Redcoats needed. The citizens had to give them anything they wanted for as long as the soliders decided to stay and they could not do anything to make them leave.

Overall, I believe that the colonists’ decision to declare was just. Britain had done many things that was unethical and the colonists should have a say in decisions that effect their lives. Some laws that were unethical that Britian placed on the citizens were the sugar, currency, stamp, townshend, tea, and introlerable acts. Also, the Quartering Act was a big law that caused tensions to skyrocket. All in all, the colonists had plenty of reasons for a revolution and I believe they were good ones. Without this revolution, America would not be what it is today.

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